Broome St. LES, Part One (Winter)

Post Pic 2 Broome


It’s not as glamorous as the West Side, perhaps because the original fabric was decimated in the middle of the last Century. A clean slate for Urban Renewal. There is a sediment to the place that is tangible, of the tenements that once stood facing this Street, creating a wall of containment. Now it looks like a back alley of immigrant history washed away…but who would really know?

The sense of place, in this place, is not revealed in the buildings. It is revealed in the people. Friendly exchanges on the Streets acknowledge understandings rooted in generations. The people, once upon a time, washed up here in droves, forging pathways to better lives. This Street, once a bustle of commerce and exchange, is now cut in half, a back alley path, but still beautiful nonetheless, deep in the Lower East Side.


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