Gulick Park Playground, A Tale of Urban Decay

Post Pic 3 Gulick

Walking by this park almost everyday, I am a bit transfixed by its state, and curiosity sets in. I wonder how this place became a remnant overlooked, a piece of the older Manhattan gone by. The land was converted into a new park in the early 1930’s, as the depression was starting to set in. Nonetheless, it became a lung for the Lower East Side, beneath the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. Over time, through the mid-to-end of last century, the community suffered through Urban decline, and the parks’ locus of activities shifted to the shady side. A bit on its history can be found here:

Its current state is tattered and frayed. Tall, mature trees, complimented by broken pavement and cracked asphalt. A glimpse can be found on the prior (Broome St. LES) post. After a very small amount of research, a discovery was made, and alas, the park will rejuvenate itself thanks to the diligence of the community and funding from the city. It’s plan can be found here:

A realization, once again, that the forces of change are happening all around. One just needs to scratch the surface.

For some reason I pictured this place never-changing. It looks, smells and feels like a piece of the Lower East Side I will always want to remember.


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