High Line Promenade

Upper Hi Line 1

(View of the Upper High Line, Looking toward the Coach Tower construction)

The landscape on the North End of the High Line is dramatically changing, by the day it seems. Whole blocks which once contained seedy auto stores and thumping clubs have been swallowed up by the forces of development in this stretch of the West 30’s. There are numerous decry’s that the “soul” of New York is being lost to change, but as all New Yorker’s know, it is these precise forces which make this city unique unto itself. It resists stasis.

The new architecture being built is adding quite an impact to the Upper Bend of the refurbished High Line. Concrete columns, raw in their half-built nature, jut into the sky; workers dangling from the wood form like Lego men. Passers by are treated to pure Construction Porn:

Construction Porn

(Construction worker on the new Coach Tower)

The soon to be fashionable “Coach Tower” (pictured here and below), with its robust legs straddling the High Line spur, is joining in the fray and will dazzle on the skyline with its striking mass. This corporate tower will undoubtedly become an emblem of the West Side’s success in reinvention.

Upper Hi Line 2


These creations will define a new civic “recollection” of this place, in the decades, perhaps centuries to come. Once derelict blocks and empty railyards, containing nothing in particular, are becoming destinations unto themselves.

Rising skyscrapers are a form of urban poetry; transformational acts cut across a rewritten Urban Silhouette.

Images of the construction, future renderings and other links of relatable note can be found here:





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