Freeman Alley and The Urban Wanderer

Freeman Alley 1
     Freeman Alley 2

(Views of Freeman Alley on the border of LES and Nolita, March, 2014)

I imagine myself wandering this alley 100 years ago. Perhaps this is why it is so popular with the Hipsters (not that I am one of them) but because The City is becoming an incubator for nostalgia, and they, as well as I, love nostalgia. Beaten storefronts are juxtaposed with shiny Art Galleries. Patrons are dropping cash, perversely, for pieces that would have qualified for 5 years Rent in the Tenements surrounding this district…way back when this was an alley for the underbelly. This juxtaposition is an odd nostalgia. It is not too comfortable, but to the Nouveau-Hipsters, who would really care? Change in The City sometimes comes at a price.

Freeman Alley Men


This place has been a corner, oft forgotten. Ruffians of yesteryear, passing a light, searching for fight, drowning their sorrows at the hole of the night. Anonymous faces capture the plight of a people now frozen in Time. Pictorial frames of a bygone era. Present day: Graffiti artists roaming in sight, modern day Ruffians tagging these painterly walls. A form of high fashion? Their artistry covers the plaster on layers of brick. These materials are static witnesses to countless decades of passers-by, quaintly tucked back into a narrow alleyway. Another iteration of the rediscovered, and constantly evolving City.

Graffiti 2     Graffiti 1

 (Graffiti Art on the walls of Freeman Alley, March, 2014)

Links of relatable note can be found here:

Map of Freeman Alley

Freeman Alley in Ephemeral New York


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