Platforms, Above and Beyond

HY Platform Timeline

(Illustration of the Hudson Yards Construction Timeline above the Rail Tracks, New York’s West Side)

One of The United States’ largest Real Estate projects, Hudson Yards, is currently being constructed on Manhattan’s West Side, above the railroad tracks that cross into New York from the Jersey Side. Before all of this can rise though, one of the more interesting engineering feats of recent years is taking shape above these tracks. It is a massive interconnecting platform which will unify the buildings and parkland above. Click on the Animated Video Here for a visual walkthrough of the construction sequence.

HY Platform

(Visual Diagram of the Platform Construction)

Interesting because the scale is so incredibly large and the spans of the platform so vast. The platform foundations can only touch down at various points between the tracks, and the platform itself sits on top of these foundations, like a giant table top sitting on pegs anchored into the earth. Of course, it is more complicated than that, but for the purposes of creating visual context in the mind, this suits just fine.

More on the Construction logistics of building Hudson Yards can be found this way:


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