Two Tenements, Standing


(400 & 402 Grand Street, Lower East Side, New York, New York. April 2014)

Old New York. I pass by these buildings every day and imagine what life was like when these sturdy structures contained The Immigrants; Germans, Jews and Irish families crammed within quarters, searching for a better life in The New World, working alongside pushcarts and carriages. These buildings used to have neighbors just like them alongside, although they were wiped away by neglect when this area of Grand fell on hard times. Two Tenements, Standing; embody the American Dream of yesteryear, soon to be relinquished to the wrecking ball of renewal. Ghosts of their prior life, swept away.

The City of Today circulates at a faster rate, a heightened pulse keeping pace with the technologies and societal changes of Time. The City of Today, some say, is losing a core set of values which used to be deeper, more intimate and connected. These changes were once pondered before in the Earlier Century. A Century defined by a shifting society and a need for new Structure; A Futuristic Fantasy envisioned as The City of Tomorrow.

City of Tomorrow

(Le Corbusiers 1929 City of Tomorrow)

The City of Tomorrow houses a churn of human activity, alive and unafraid. It is a place embodied with the principles of its people, a vision of what it can and wants to be, a form of Human Projection. When Two Tenements, Standing disappear; they will make way for the next iteration of The City of Tomorrow. The plots on which they rest will become part of the next New, New York. Boxes in the sky, marching steadfastly down Grand.

Links of Relatable note can be found here:

Link to Essex Crossing development, the replacement of Two Tenements, Standing.

400 & 402 Grand Street in a commemorative map of the Seward Park Renewal Area (Number 2 on the map).

A walk down Grand Street and nearby points of interest.

Link to Le Corbusier’s Wikipedia page.


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    Two of our favorite buildings we’ve written about were highlighted in the New York Times today, via Artist Hedy Pagremanski who is chronicling Our disappearing New York. You can read more on the article here and our prior post below :

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