Fire Boat Haus of Manhattan Bend

Firehouse 2

(The Fire Boat Haus of Manhattan Bend, New York, New York. May 29, 2014. Image by Greg Gordon Canaras)

The Fire Boat Haus of Manhattan Bend in the East River Park occupies a space in our Urban memory which harkens back to the beginnings of the Park and its connection to its maritime days, when the Lower East Side was a patrolled dockland. This small relic, a construction dated to 1941 when it was the home to the Lower East Side Fireboat Company, now serves as the home of the Lower East Side Ecology Center, providing community based recycling programs across The City; A function which continues the tradition of this building as a service building for the public good.

Firehouse 1

(View From The Fire Boat Haus Esplanade, May 29, 2014. Image by Greg Gordon Canaras)

Fire Boat Haus stands guardian at The Rivers edge, home to the once bustling maritime trading ports and rowdy sailor seaports of our Urban Past which are no more. Within the fabric of our changing Urban Geography, it is always a pleasure to give nod to the smaller places which connect the dots of our interconnected histories. This structure has stood guardian at the rivers bend for over 70 years, not a huge lifespan compared to some of the older structures of The City, but a noble one in its duty. A small building with a prow pointing upward to the sky; a nautical nod to the passing ships on the tip of Manhattan Bend.


(Silhouette of Fire Boat Haus against the Williamsburg Bridge. May 29, 2014)

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