The Serpent of The Trade


(The Serpent of The Trade. New York, NY. 2014. Image from the Port Authority of NY/NJ) 

The Serpent of The Trade rises. A construct in motion. Urban Morphology in its strongest symbolic Form. A metaphor in the form of a monument; at once grounded yet reaching for the sky in this solemn corner of Our Sacred City.

The Serpent of The Trade harnesses meaning embodied in the very act of its being; behind the blood, sweat and tears of The People who build, The Unions of Labor, The Legions of Servicemen and The Souls of The Fallen.

This Sculpture of Urban Form in its base necessity is a Utility Building for The People and a Transit Hub for The Traveller. Though as an “Object Building” conveying an image to The City, it is much greater in its act as a metaphor. It appears to rise from the ground, with a strong solid spine and bone like protrusions, breaking free from the earthen mass below. Now climbing into the sky, it bursts forth as a symbol of the Rising Spirit. A construct acting as a Projection of Hope; The Hope of a City and The Hope of a Nation.


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