Scalar Absence


(World Trade Center Memorial, New York, NY. 2014. Image by Greg Gordon Canaras)

A Tribute to Urban Form as a Memorial of Labor, and to the Unions of Construction :

The World Trade Center Memorial reflects the re-composition of human emotion in the form of two massive voids; an absence inscribed in The City. A collective consciousness has been solidified through the Public’s awareness of this ‘Zero Signifier’ of Urbanity “interrupted”, where spirits are layered like a palimpsest across the terrain of the urban landscape. The “Memory Objects” of The Towers, now marked in emptiness, once contained the contents of humanity positioned in time and space. These contents, over time, were dissipated within the cultural geography of The City and in society. These contents were solidified once again, in the Form of absence, as repositories of memory, and through the memorialization of the Human Condition, continually oscillating between memory past and memory reconstructed.


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