The Central Park Spire


(Rendering of The Central Park Spire, New York, NY. Under Construction. 2014)

The Urban Critic: As far as the new Super-Tall Towers go, popping up in and around The City, the Central Park Spire looks to be on the side of The Spectacular. Anchoring the corner of Southwest Central Park and adjacent to Columbus Circle and the recently constructed One 57 luxury tower, this one tops them all at a whopping 1775 Feet at the tip of its Spire. Designed by the Chicago architects Gordon Gill and Adrian Smith, the tower brings a bit of International flair and understated muscularity to an area which respects a bit of restraint. It’s image, at least in renderings, brings to mind a more updated Sears Tower, our favorite Mid-Century neighbor in The Heartland.

Cantilever Tower_3

(Earlier rendering of The Central Park Spire next to The Art Students League Building)

Refined and updated for the New York scene, the tower sports a cantilever which looms over the Art Students League of New York structure, a late 1800’s building with impressive facade facing 57th Street. The League sold it’s air rights in a transaction called an Air Rights Transfer which effectively grants a portion of the sky above the League to the tower (about 20 feet) while rendering the rest undevelopable. From some perspectives, this is a violation of the sacred space above The League. From other perspectives, this deal secures the future of the building from the wrecking ball.

Turning back to The Spire; This addition will add yet another exclamation point to the Southern end of Central Park. In a race to climb higher, in a City which seems a bit insatiable in this matter, The Spire looks to In-Spire future generations as a building which achieves its height with a respect toward proportion. Let’s hope that the actual result will live up to the Towers’ potential both as a retail anchor of Central Park South and as a future New York Icon glimmering on the Skyline.

Map Locator for The Central Park Spire: Click Here


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