New York’s Next Tallest, Climbed


(The View from 432 Park Avenue, New York, NY 2014. Image by Stephen Farrell)

The New York Times has featured the newest Rich Enclave Addition to our Urban Landscape this week in an article focusing on Building Height. Thin, tall and making an impression, The Rafael Vinoly Tower has proven to be quite a stunner. You can read more about Its Skyline altering views and watch a video from The Pinnacle Here.

Highlighted in a prior post “New York’s Next Tallest, Climbing” , our site continues to seek threads which bind The City and its built environment together.

As a marker of memory, it remains to be seen. For visitors, the vision of a pencil thin obelisk may not be the primary impression people remember, but it may somehow linger in the background. For those of us residing here, The Tower will likely serve as an object for orientation. So despite the elitist nature this structure stands for, it has nonetheless become a symbol of our growing Metropolis. In the corner of one’s eye. The Center of New York.


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