Waterworks Manhattan

Water Tunnel

(New York Water Tunnel #3, Under Construction)

Infrastructure is rarely a topic of notice to the typical City-Goer. It often happens behind the scenes, and unnoticed to the general public.

Not many New Yorker’s know, but many experience on a daily basis, the addition of the New Water Tunnel #3 Viaduct; partially completed and also still under construction under the tangled streets of the City. Providing fresh and potable water to residents, the water Tunnel is designed to supply Greater New York from the Upstate water supply system.

Water Tunnel 3 Map

(Map of the Water Tunnel’s and their connection to Manhattan)

Burrowing deep under the ground, the water tunnel is accessed through vertical shafts intermittently occurring in and around The City. Shown in the picto-graphic below, the scale of both the tunnel and  the access system is enormous, as is its budget at an estimated 6 Billion USD. Considering the span of its construction, nearly 50 years, this puts the price tag in a larger perspective.


(Picto-Graphic of the Water Tunnel and its link to Manhattan Buildings) 

Over time, the water tunnel will enhance the quality of life in The City by providing clean water for future generations ahead. It will allow for the shutdowns of New York’s other water tunnels for repair (#’s 1 & 2) which have been in service for much of the previous decade. An investment well made for the Greater New York.

Links of Relatable Note can be found Here:

60 Minutes video on the miners of Tunnel #3.

NYC.GOV weblink to Water Tunnel #3

Wikipedia Link to Water Tunnel #3.


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