Menhir’s of Manhattan

Curbed Skyline

Menhir’s of Manhattan, Soon to stand guard over an ever expanding New York

Definition: A Menhir (French, from Middle Breton: men, “stone” and hir, “long”[1]), standing stone, orthostat, or lith is a large upright standing stone. Menhirs may be found singly as monoliths, or as part of a group of similar stones. Their size can vary considerably, but their shape is generally uneven and squared, often tapering towards the top.

Alas, the latest round of phallic symbols Super Tall Towers is rising. Our friends at Curbed New York have posted a round of renderings, courtesy of City Realty which superimposes the simulated forms of these skyscrapers-to-be (depicted in Brown) which will grace our Urban Skyline in the years to come. Impressive indeed.

Merrivale Menhir of Devon

The Merrivale Menhir of Devon, England

The definition of Menhir, or an upright standing stone, has been used in urban lore throughout history to describe a symbol of place, usually vertical and omnipresent, which stands to endure. Akin to a totem, the Menhir implies a connection to place and acts as a symbol for connection. In the case of Manhattan, it is the vast collection of these monoliths which act in a force of gravitational pull, while simultaneously pushing up into the skyline. 

Urban Menhir’s, the Supertalls of This Century, are acting to redefine this century’s skyline. Look out, and be sure to always look up.

Links of Relatable Note:

The Megalithic Portal. An interesting UK based site for Menhir aficionado’s.

Super Thin, Super Tall. From Gordon’s Urban Morphology.

New York’s Next Tallest, Climbed. From Gordon’s Urban Morphology.


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