2015 Trends in Our Changing City

Goodbye 2014 and Hello to 2015. We are excited about the development year coming up in New York. Here are a list of the trends we anticipate Gordon’s Urban Morphology will cover, among other trends, as strong indicators of Change in The City:


(Domino Sugar Factory Demolition. Image by Todd Selie from The Gothamist, 2014)

The gentrification conversation will likely be the most prominent as the topic has inhabited nearly every corner of Central New York development. From small urban infill projects in the East Village and Harlem, to the massive “block-Eating” developments in The West Side, Lower East Side, and now Brooklyn and Greenpoint, this subject has seemingly penetrated the neighborhood dialogues through and through. We will continue to track these landscapes of change and the impact they are having on our broader culture.

Greenpoint Landing

(The Soul Killing, Neighborhood Destroying New Development Project of Greenpoint Landing)

The Mega-Developments of Hudson Yards, Essex Crossing and Domino Sugar will continue to gain traction. These projects, while considered more “urban infill” than Gentrifying forces (with the exception of Domino) are fascinating in their own right in their sheer scale and transformative effect on their surroundings, for better or for worse.

West 57th Street Tower

(111 West 57th Street Megatower by SHoP Architects. Soon to rise in 2015-2016)

The Mega-Tall towers along West 57th Street will grow with new buildings sprouting near the Museum of Modern Art (Jean Novel/SHoP) as well as two towers on the Southwest corner of Central Park (By Robert Stern and Adrian Smith / Gordon Gill). These new Luxury Palaces will solidify the Columbus Circle area as the premier High-End node of the City. Rightfully So.

On a smaller scale, New York continues to add incrementally to its parks and infrastructure with proposals for a new “bridging berm” on Manhattan’s Lower East Side as well as improvements in our urban infill parks; Improving the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods and for future protection of the next major hurricane.


(The “Poor Door” at 229 Cherry Street, Lower East Side)

We will anticipate tracking the growing socio-cultural divide which now divides the City and affects the way The City is built. From the hallowing out of once teeming neighborhoods (with condominiums for the Uber-Rich) to the introduction of “Poor Doors” for housing units abutting market rate buildings, the dialogue has heated up as cries of inequality grow stronger.

And here at Gordon’s Urban Morphology, we are going to start an “Urban Artboard” page which will serve as a hub for expression about Our Changing City. This is, in essence, a call for Artists whom wish to contribute and express their personal impressions about the largest scale developments our City has seen since the massive demolition and reconstruction in the 50’s and 60’s. We intend to display graphic pieces which convey ideas about New York in its current state of flux. Please feel free to contact us at gordonsurbanmorphology@gmail.com if you wish to contribute.

Thanks again for Your Readership and Cheers to 2015.


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