Mapping The Doors of NYC


(Manhattan Doors, 1975-1976, by Roy Colmer)

An interesting link to the geography of Door Mapping, as a retrospective work of art by the Artist Roy Colmer (1935-2014). These snapshots capture New York entryways in a moment of time, but remind us of a static New York, one that is not constantly changing, but in this case, revolving. Often mundane and everyday, these doors mark the entryways to many homes and businesses across The City. Some are still around. And some have vanished with the passage of Time. The historical collection of photographs can be found at the New York Public Library.

Links of Interest to Roy Colmer’s Door Maps can be found HERE:

Roy Colmers Doors in Photogeographies

Link to a more concise summary of Roy Colmer and his work in Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York

And, additional coverage on the doorways in Curbed


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