5 Pointz, Down

(Time Lapse of the 5 Pointz demolition, by Aymann Ismail, from ANIMAL New York)

In a follow up to our Urban Critic article on The 5 Pointz Follies, Aymann Ismail from the wildly interesting blog ANIMAL New York captured the demise of the Graffiti Art collective in a captivating 1 minute time lapse video. An emblem of the clean slate demolition techniques that amplify the Gentrification conversation in Our Changing City; The 5 Pointz demolition was especially sad because it was a container for so much countercultural expression.

Now, we will have brand new hideous condominiums, and one more memory place lost to the forces of growth and an increasingly insatiable appetite for bad developer driven design.

It’s time to amplify the argument for responsible development in The Evolving City.

Links of relatable note:

ANIMAL New York. Culture and politics, straight from the gut.

Link to The Urban Critic and The 5 Pointz Follies, from Gordon’s Urban Morphology.


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