The Re-Invention of Industry House


(Demolition of the former Pastis, New York. 2015. Image by Greg Gordon)

The Urban Critic: As many have noted about the Meatpacking District, the transition from gritty industrial fringe to Over-The-Top trendy neighborhood has almost been completed. Enter here, the newest structure under renovation, an old industrial building which housed the former eatery Pastis over the past 15 years or so. It is now being hallowed out to make way for a Restoration Hardware and hotel.

A Restoration Hardware! So it goes in the neighborhoods of Manhattan where once unique eateries and one of a kind stores are being pushed out by the forces of big money. Suffice to say, the renderings of the actual building have ended up in a pretty good place. The proportions of the original structure were kept in tact. The pedestrian scale is maintained. And a more modern, industrial glass cube rests on top, slightly pulled away from the street, giving the red brick facade some room to breathe.


(The new building, by BKSK Architects, housing a Restoration Hardware and hotel)

As new buildings go in Manhattan, which these days have a tendency to destroy entire city blocks (reference our prior post on Beasts of The Westside), this conversion from former Industry House, to fashion eatery, and now Restoration Hardware has taken an interesting turn. The New York City Landmarks Commission made the architects go back to the drawing board a few times to get it right. In this case, it looks like they ended up with a perfectly respectable new urban neighbor.

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