The Brooklyn Fire of 2015


(The Brooklyn Warehouse Fire from Across The East River, Photo by Greg Gordon, 2015)

Few natural forces have the impact to affect Urban Change so much as a massive fire. In this case, almost a full city block was engulfed in flames in what was one of the largest incinerations of personal records This City has ever seen. Fortunately, not a life was lost in the blaze. Though an immense portion of the waterfront is a charred wasteland. Urban Morphology through forces of nature.

When humans have the collective will to change our urban landscape, it takes hundreds of minds to think, plan and ultimately implement what can become decades long projects for the pen-ultimate use of City land. In this case, mother nature interjected by opening up a Void, a raw canvas for makers to remake.


(Firemen at the remains of the warehouse. Photo from The New York Times, 2015)

Urban Morphology via necessity. A typical scenario would involve the vulture developer circling around, eager to strike; for this is now a prime development opportunity on one of the most prominent pieces of land in The City. But now this site requires a strategic rethinking based on the parkland surrounding, and the community which it is serving. The vulture developer cannot always have His way.

An activist Brooklyn (if it is still there) should rise and take charge of this Urban Swath, before the glass box of gentrification rears its protruding head once more. This is an opportunity now to remake a large portion of The Waterfront, and a story in progress, which we will follow with great intent.

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