Railspotting NYC


(Williamsburg Bridge Subway Rails, New York. 2007. Image by Flickr User R36 Coach)

An interesting post from our fellow bloggers at Curbed, Nick Benson has compiled an array of photographs of rail systems traversing many Cities across the globe in his Railfan Atlas. Of particular interest to us are the Subway images of NYC across its 5 Boroughs.

Urban geography is defined not only by buildings but by the vast infrastructure connecting people across The City’s terrain. The subway is the lifeblood of New York. The experience is often mired by the difficulties of traveling so close to so many in this large Metropolis. But oftentimes, moments of beauty break through to give pause in The Frenzied City. Enjoy.

Links of Relatable Note can be found Here:

Railfan Atlas (Note: Type in New York on Location Search)

Mapping the Many Photographs of NYC’s Subways from Curbed



  1. I sincerely appreciate you sharing Railfan Atlas, it’s been fun seeing so many positive reactions to it!

    If I may, please consider updating the attribution of that image to “Flickr User R36 Coach,” and perhaps with a direct link to the image:

    Williamsburg Bridge

    Attributing to “Railfan Atlas,” would be somewhat analogous to citing something to “Google Image Search,” it’s just a spatial search engine for train images.

    Thank You!

    1. Ottergoose, thank you for reading our blog. We always strive to cite authorship, so of course will change the citation. Thank you. Even better would be a direct name we can reference to the photo. It’s a beauty.
      Thanks again and we hope you visit our blog more in the future.

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