Bon Voyage, Memory Container


(End Days of The Roseland Ballroom. New York, NY. March 2015. Image by Greg Gordon)

Like a Ghost Ship sailing through the bowels of Manhattan, the lurking hull of Roseland Ballroom awaits its final days. Urban Morphology as a passing moment in time, captured in still. Tomorrow Forgotten.

Memory Containers serve the greater population at large and create lasting imprints which are not visible in photographs, or the naked eye. The act of demolishing memory containers signifies the passage of time and also reminds us of the Impermanence of The City. The Urban Condition is a constantly malleable State, ebbing and flowing with the greater population & economics The Times. Or, perhaps that is just New York?

This Urban Condition, A Memory Container destroyed, paves the way for a new foundation to be cast on its footprint. Another spire soon to rise under The Developers guise.

Countless memories contained within, now scattered like Ghost Ships in The Sea.



  1. A fitting post for this weekend, in particular. Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn, new memories are castsome of which maybe better left forgotten.) Thanks, GG.

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