Urban Artboard

Urban Artboard : Urban Voids

Urban Voids

(Urban Voids, New York, New York. 2014. Image by Greg Gordon)

Along the streets of The Lower East Side sit vacant lots ready for the developers shovel. Sometimes empty for years, these spaces exist in between the rich historical fabric of the storied New York neighborhood. Once the sites of tenements, housing countless immigrant families and dreams for a better life, these voids now stand as a testament to a form of Urban Impermanence.


Urban Artboard : The Disappearing Skyline


(Gentrification Waste #2, Disappearing Skyline, Greg Gordon, New York. 2014)

Capturing The Urban Skyline in transition. Old tenement tops juxtaposed with the steely silhouettes of modern window frames. Anonymous viewports looking out into The City. The craggle of the tenement buildings against the sky is short for these days, amidst the frenzy of development across New York. Windows of the past will soon be deconstructed and replaced by Structures of The Modern Era.

A Skyline in transition. A Skyline soon to disappear.

Urban Artboard : Gentrification Waste

Gentrification Waste 1

(Gentrification Waste #1, Greg Gordon, New York, 2014)

As we have continued to chronicle the sweeping phenomenon of Gentrification across The City, we have also been photographing the Urban Condition and Gentrification’s influence upon The City:

Boarded up buildings awaiting demolition for the next wave of new condominiums.

Structures half way under construction, then halted and abandoned because of dried up financing. The Urban Site becomes an instant liability to the surrounding neighborhood fabric.

Urban City Blocks which have been torn down and lie fallow, awaiting, sometimes for years, for the next project to take shape.

The low-rise, one story retail structures of our Older New York; Instant prey for an up-sizing of the development site. These are usually beloved retail establishments, the mom and pop stores which oftentimes give continuity to our neighborhoods and provide familiarity and comfort to local inhabitants.

These snapshots are of a continuous streetscape in The Lower East Side, in various stages of conversion.

Urban Artboard

Urban Morphology 1

(Urban Morphology #1, Greg Gordon, 2015)

We are starting a new page at Gordon’s Urban Morphology which focuses on the Expression of Urban Change through the lens of Art. Topics will address those relevant to Change in New York’s Urban Sphere and the Social & Economic impacts accompanying this Change.

Our idea is to serve as a visual Urban Artboard, documenting the rapid shifts ongoing in our built environment, and the people behind these shifts.

Gordon’s Urban Morphology will be contributing to The Urban Artboard on a regular basis. Our blog also welcomes contributing artists, photographers, architects and designers whom have explored the topic of Urban Change in New York City.

If you would like to contribute directly to an upcoming Urban Artboard post, please e-mail us directly at gordonsurbanmorphology@gmail.com

We look forward to featuring your viewpoints on the state of Our City.