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2014 Urban Morphology Round-Up

Thanks to the readers of our blog. Gordon’s Urban Morphology has gained a steady readership month over month and we look forward to bringing more stories about New York’s building culture to our pages in 2015. It looks to be a busy year!

2014 has shaped up to be a very interesting one in New York. As the development cycle heats up across the City, we expect more stories to be told through the changes in our Urban Form, as well as the many personal and cultural stories that go along with this change across The City landscape.

And here is a Round-Up of our most popular posts from 2014, based on user clicks:

Corlears Hook Aerial

Our most popular post of 2014 which garnered the most clicks: Readers took great interest, especially International ones, in Corlears Hook, Forgotten Corner of The Lower East Side.

Murder Alley

Another popular post which drew International readers took us deep into the heart of Murder Alley, Chinatown.


Two Tenements, Standing dove deeper into the meaning of The Tenement in society, before the wrecking ball comes for the Upcoming Essex Crossing Development in New York’s Lower East Side.

LES People

And continuing in The Lower East Side, our blog took personal interest in a New York Times article about life in Coop Villge, and wondered about the meaning of living in a NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) in Our Lower, Lower East Side.

Domino Demolition

Across the East River, we watched the demolition of the Domino Sugar Factory to clear the way for a new housing development in Domino Sugar, Down. This trend toward larger and more significant development on the Brooklyn waterfront continues the gentrification wave sweeping across The City.


And at The World Trade Center site, many of us watched in awe as Santiago Calatrava’s new transit hub rose from the ground. It’s alien form has made it an instant landmark. Our take on the building’s appearance was written about in The Serpent of The Trade.

Beast 1

We were sensing that the gentrification wave has gone too far and has left our new buildings lacking personality in one of our favorite posts, Beasts of The West Side.


And back at The Trade Center We felt that The New York Times review of One World Trade was a bit one dimensional, considering it is a National Symbol. Our impression of The Times article struck a few chords with readers in A Flawed Review of A National Symbol.

 So, there you have our year’s top posts. Thanks again for your readership and we’ll see you in 2015. Happy New Year from Gordon’s Urban Morphology!


Gansevoort Market and The Urban Eater


(Gansevoort Market in the Heart of Meatpacking, New York, NY. October 2014.)

A new eating venue has opened in the heart of New York’s Meatpacking district, adding yet another open market space to this now boutique neighborhood. Overall, the place is an enjoyable environment to mill about and people watch amongst the tourists and residents of the area. A beautiful interior courtyard under a large open skylight adds a focal center between various market stands and coffee shops.


(Gansevoort Market in the Heart of Meatpacking, New York, NY. October 2014.)

This place, if not discovered, is definitely a destination in its own right. Although a bit pricey on the food side, the variety of offerings and the proximity to the entrance of The High Line make this a refreshing addition to a rapidly changing Meatpacking. Coming up next: The opening of The Whitney right around the corner.

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