Click on these interesting maps of NYC, mentioned in prior posts, for information about The City’s development and change throughout the Years (Note: This list will be added to):

Link to Old NYC, a fascinating historical mapping catalogue of Old New York, from the New York Public Library.

Link to Nick Benson’s Railfan Atlas, mapping images across NYC’s rail networks. This map was highlighted in Railspotting NYC.

Link to Roy Colmer’s Retrospective of Door Maps, in PhotogeographiesThis exhibition was highlighted in Mapping the Doors of NYC.

CHPC (City Housing Planning Commission) Making Neighborhoods Map illustrating New York’s change in demographics over the last decade.

NYC.GOV Website documenting aerial shots over New York through the century. This map was highlighted in Aerial New York

NYC.GOV Map of Corlears Hook Park in Manhattan. This area was highlighted in Corlears Hook, Forgotten Corner of the Lower East Side.

Municipal Art Society’s Interactive Map illustrating the potential for Developer Air Rights, This map was highlighted in Urban Cartography.

New York City Water Supply System Map, featured in Waterworks Manhattan.


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