New York History

Vintage Stock of NYC

Vintage Stock_Williamsburg

(Construction of The Williamsburg Bridge, New York, 1903. Image by Ewing Galloway)

For all the mapping fans, and the historical photo fans of New York’s History: The New York Public Library has released an interactive photo map highlighting numerous locations across The City. For a fun historical tour of many familiar and some long gone places, you can click HERE.

It’s the Vintage Stock of NYC.


Archtober in New York

The month of October is “Archtober” with a monthlong series of events for the Urban Wanderer in and around New York City. For a complete listing, you can click HERE. For the calendar of events, you can click HERE. And For a link to the Archtober Blog, you can click HERE. This is the fourth year of Archtober, and it continues to grow. For the Urban Wanderer in The City, it is a wonderful way to explore the treasures of New York, both old and new.

Archtober 2014 Postcard_Page_1_283

1930’s New York, A Video Interlude


A visual treat of Manhattan streetlife in 1934 (Click the timeline to 1:45 and watch to 5:20) and a glimpse into the City of yesteryear. New York was in the throes of The Depression, but alas was teeming with activity. Notice the details. The decor of the streetlamps, the elevated train, peddlers and pantaloons amongst the throngs of the bustling crowd. This blog tries to address The City of change, The City in flux, but sometimes it’s fun to just watch and remember The Past.

Aerial New York

Aerial Manhattan_1931

(Aerial of Manhattan Around 1931)

One of the more interesting mapping sites about New York traces patterns of change over various periods of The City’s history; From it’s earlier industrial roots and into the 21st Century. An amazing resource for those interested in mapping and cartography; It can be found here at this NYC.GOV Website.

Hint to Navigate: Zoom in on the area you would like to see and click “Map Type” in the upper right portion of the screen to see the aerial at a certain time period. Enjoy!