The Urban Critic

Posts of note where Gordon’s Urban Morphology has taken a stance on various Urban Interventions and Architecture in The Changing City can be found here:

Hunchback of The Trade (June 2015). On the recently released redesign of Two World Trade.

The Housing Authority Rules (May 2015). On the New York City Housing Authority’s 10 Year Plan for improved housing.

The F#ck You Building on the Fringes of Delancey (February 2015). On the necessity for provocation in our Urban Form.

A Bait and Switch in The Lower East Side (January 2015). On the mediocre development, Essex Crossing, and the need for community input.

The Re-Invention of Industry House (January 2015). On the conversion of a landmark in New York’s Meatpacking District.

A Flawed Review of A National Symbol (November 2014). On the New York Times Architectural Review of One World Trade.

Old Gotham Returns (September 2014). On the revival of the Deco and Gothic Styles in Manhattan’s new(er) buildings.

The Central Park Spire (September, 2014). A commentary on the newly rising residential and retail Icon at New York’s Central Park South.

The 5 Pointz Follies (August 2014). A critique about the ongoing Hyper-Gentrification, and lack of developer oversight in New York City.

Our Lower, Lower East Side (June 2014). A memory piece about life in Manhattan’s far Lower East Side.

Jenga Box, Rising (May 2014). A commentary on a new form of tower taking shape in The Chaotic City.

Two Tenements, Standing (April 2014). Thoughts on Old New York and The City of Tomorrow.

Beasts of The West Side (April 2014). A commentary on Manhattan’s Superblock developments.








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