The Rise of The Beekman

Beekman Atrium

(Photo of The Beekman Atrium, to be restored as New York’s next Great Room)

A curiosity of ornamentation mixed with a bit of Old New York style grandeur is being rehabbed and on the rise in Lower Manhattan.  The old Beekman Office Building, designed in the Queen Anne Style, with soaring atrium is set to become a new hotel with an adjoining decorative tower whose appearance will bring back an element of High Style to the New York skyline. This particular project stands out amongst development across the city because it mixes the rehabilitation of one of Manhattan’s Great soaring rooms with a new structure that adopts a complimentary attitude, embracing ornamentation, instead of eschewing it. This is a refreshing take on the new mixed with the old, and if executed well, will become a miniature landmark in Lower Manhattan.

Beekman Image

(Photograph of the original Beekman Office Building, Around 1883)


(Rendering of the restored Beekman structure with Tower Addition)

The rendering above of the new Beekman tower attempts to celebrate the older style of Manhattan skyscraper, where moments of interest punctuate the vertical thrust of the tower. The new addition is also crowned by two decorative tops, which mimick the pointed caps of the original Beekman office building; A nod to its sister building’s past.

The tower is currently on the rise, and the old atrium will be polished off when the Beekman Hotel and Residences open within the next year; A new destination in the rapidly changing landscape of Lower Manhattan.

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